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Country/Region:   China
Address:   14floor, F6 Building, Huaguoyuan, Guiyang, Guizhou, China.
Tel:   86-851-88581791
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Tianhong Business School is an enterprise education institution designed to cultivate modern enterprise sales personnel. It is organized by Guizhou Tianhong Zhiyuan Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. School Mission Statement: “Let the wisdom flash, let the dreams fly” School Objective: To train and bring up a large sale elites promptly for the realization of strategic development objectives of Guizhou Tianhong. School has a group of high quality team--- professors with industry-leading theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. School primarily trains the sales teams of Guizhou Tianhong throughout the country. It can make their dreams come true. TBS is called “Huangpu Military Academy” by the first phase of students. It is the B-MBA of modern enterprise education sales practice.